Choose how your IoT assets connect to the edge with qiio Smart Cables

Add memory to your qiio q200 and Development Kits by connecting an external microSD card


Supports qiio q200 Guardian and Development Kits: provides external microSD memory card expansion of up to 4 GB for the q200 Guardian, Development Kit q200 or PoC in a Box Package via the ISU port (SPI).

Form factor & Interfaces: PCB with microSD card slot and mikroBUS connector

High speed: throughput is defined by the selected microSD memory card (max. 90 MB/s)

Supply voltage: 3.3 V with LED indicator

One of a wide range of Smart Cables from qiio: with the operator-certified q200 Guardian as the base design, use your preferred Smart Cable(s) to connect to different IoT assets without requiring re-certification