Smart Connectivity

Smart Connectivity is qiio’s way of ensuring your IoT solution is scalable. Right out of the box, qiio solutions are able to connect a multitude of assets anywhere in the world. This typically can save 20-30% in costs and reduce failure rates by 90%. qiio customers enjoy stress-free connectivity enabling them to focus on the real value of their IoT project.

Smart Connectivity is a combination of hardware, software and connectivity services (qiio Sphere Studio®) that allow real insight and robustness for the first time in IoT. The amalgamation of cellular data from the edge and the cloud combined allows control and reliability. This is made possible in the physical world with the most secure cellular IoT devices, expertly manufactured in Switzerland and Germany.

Smart Connectivity by qiio is not a 3rd party cloud system – our solution complements your existing cloud infrastructure!

Smart Connectivity incorporates:

A multitude of intelligent qiio Sphere Studio tools

Global cellular connectivity

Most secure Hardware in the business

Extended Warranty, securing device health as an optional Support Service

qiio Sphere Studio®

qiio has designed a set of unique tools that enable you to deploy your IoT solution anywhere without stress. Our tools are a combination of automated cloud, unique firmware and scalable connectivity. See these tools firsthand and order your Starter Kit.

Connectivity Survey

A live scan of all available cellular networks from all available operators where smart analysis is made to choose the best cellular connection for that particular device, location and moment. Device will run an emergency survey if quality drops. Otherwise, it runs at regular intervals.

Connectivity Triage

The combination of edge and backend cellular data to appropriately diagnose and resolve cellular connectivity issues.

Connectivity Triages resolves issues to reduce expensive support bills and increase the reliability of IoT solutions.

Connectivity Insurance

Secondary operators available globally for back-up cellular connectivity.

With Connectivity Insurance you always have an operator to expand your IoT coverage area.

Connectivity Location

Indoor and outdoor location available through GNSS (GPS) cellular triangulation and WIFI scanning.

With Connectivity Location you will know where your devices are indoors or outdoors.


q200 Guardian

qiio’s q200 Guardian is the world’s first solution specifically optimized for secure, bidirectional cellular connectivity.

Global Connectivity

qiio SIM with connectivity everyhwere


qiio Extended Warranty

qiio Extended Warranty, securing device health as an optional support service