Choose how your IoT assets
connect to the edge with
qiio Smart Cables

For vehicle applications:
connect your IoT assets to the qiio q200 and Development Kits using CAN bus


Supports qiio q200 Guardian and Development Kits: provides an industry standard Controller Area Network (CAN V2.0B) bus transceiver interface from your vehicular IoT assets to the ISU port (SPI) of the q200 Guardian, Development Kit q200 or PoC in a Box Package. Converts CMOS SPI levels to CAN bus levels/protocol and vice-versa. Maximum speed: 1 Mbps

Robust industry standard interface ideal for communicating with vehicle subsystems and sensors

Form factor & Interfaces: PCB with CAN bus adapter

Supply voltage: 3.3V

Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Galvanic Isolation: 2500VRMS

One of a wide range of Smart Cables from qiio: with the operator-certified q200 Guardian as the base design, use your preferred Smart Cable(s) to connect to different IoT assets without requiring re-certification