Smart Cable Ethernet

For professional & consumer LAN environments:
connect your IoT assets to the qiio q200 and Development Kits using Ethernet


Supports qiio q200 Guardian and Development Kits: provides an industry standard high-speed Ethernet transceiver interface from your IoT assets to the ISU port (SPI) of the q200 Guardian, Development Kit q200 or PoC in a Box Package. Converts CMOS SPI levels to Ethernet levels and vice-versa. Maximum speed: 10 Mbps

High-speed interface ideal for corporate, retail, and consumer multidrop and long-distance environments

Form factor & Interfaces: PCB with mikroBUS connectors and Ethernet cable adapter (RJ45 with LEDs)

Supply voltage: 3.3V

One of a wide range of Smart Cables from qiio: with the operator-certified q200 Guardian as the base design, use your preferred Smart Cable(s) to connect to different IoT assets without requiring re-certification