qiio CEO Felix Adamczyk recognized with the “Digital Shaper 2023” award in the “The Smarties” category

Zurich, 25th of August 2023 – A mark of innovation and accomplishment, Felix Adamczyk and his company qiio have been recognized with the “Digital Shaper 2023” award in the category “The Smarties”. Presented by Digital Shapers magazine in collaboration with Digitalswitzerland, Handelszeitung, Bilanz, and PME, this prestigious award honors those who contribute significantly to Switzerland’s burgeoning digital landscape. 

The 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland for this year were selected by an esteemed jury of eleven experienced professionals. They evaluated candidates across 10 unique categories, reflecting different dimensions of digital innovation. Felix Adamczyk and qiio’s success in “The Smarties” category highlights their expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT), an area focused on transforming traditional devices into intelligent, interconnected systems.

The award also sheds light on the vital role of IoT in contemporary business, recognizing its potential for intelligent cost management, disruption prevention, operational excellence, enhanced customer experiences, and generating trackable return on investment. These diverse aspects exemplify the multifaceted value of IoT, a field in which qiio has effectively contributed.

Felix Adamczyk, the CEO of qiio: “I’m sincerely grateful to receive this respected award for the second consecutive year. It’s a wonderful acknowledgement to our team’s efforts, collaborative spirit and commitment to innovation. Looking ahead, qiio plans to incorporate AI and Machine Learning (ML) into our offerings, to further enrich IoT solutions with real-time intelligence.

About qiio®:

qiio is a global leader in Connecting & Securing assets around the world. With a focus on edge-to-cloud solutions and intelligent mobile connectivity, qiio’s offerings are scalable, reliable, and ultra-secure. Serving hard-to-reach or mobile deployments, qiio’s products and services are designed to offer rapid and cost-effective solutions, subtly underlining Switzerland’s digital success on a global platform.


Press Contact:
Dorothy Kohl, VP Business Strategy Sales & Marketing
qiio AG
Am Wasser 24
8049 Zurich
Email: dorothy.kohl@qiio.com