Ten Startups to explore Silicon Valley

The Venture Leaders jury has nominated ten startups ready to grow internationally to expand their networks and expertise during the Swiss National Startup Team roadshow to Silicon Valley in April.

The jury assessed more than 180 applications for Venture Leaders Technology, a business development program designed for Swiss startups ready to take the first steps toward their international expansion. For one week in April, the ten selected startups from various fields, including agriculture, music, and airport operations will explore the US market and strengthen their business network through meetings and workshops with investors and industry leaders.

Meet the Swiss National Team
Assaia International│Zurich│ aims to eliminate man-made delays from the global air travel system. The startup’s AI-based solution to optimize ground operations is rolled out at some of the busiest airports in the world, such as Seattle-Tacoma, London-Gatwick, and New York-JFK.

Corintis│Lausanne│Powerful chips generate a lot of heat, and the current cooling methods limit performance and impact the environment. Corintis offers disruptive microfluidic cooling to support digital infrastructure and enable the next generation of sustainable computing.

Lattice Flow│Zurich│empowers machine-learning teams to create robust and performant artificial intelligence (AI) systems, solving a fundamental roadblock to the wide adoption of AI.

Enlightra│Chardonne| develops lasers to transmit data for data centers. The lasers are 100x faster and up to 10x more energy-efficient than today’s solutions. Multiple DARPA and EU-funded research projects use the core technology.

qiio│Zurich│delivers highly secure, proven edge-to-cloud IoT solutions with intelligent cellular connectivity, enabling customers to connect their assets around the world reliably, even in hard-to-reach places.

Sensoryx│Zurich│offers patented micro-sized, high-precision hard- and software solutions for 3D motion-tracking for the extended reality (XR) industry, allowing users to integrate the software into their headsets and do not need external references to capture movement.

Tinamu Labs│Zurich│ offers a drone-based platform for automated monitoring workflows to get remote real-time insights.

TYXIT│Yverdon-les-Bains│provides a unique SaaS platform for performers and fans to reach real-time interaction in the music and gaming industries. Its unique ultra-low-latency solution enables remote jam sessions and protects the content creation through NFT generation.

Veezoo│Zurich│is a self-service analytics solution based on an innovative conversational interface that empowers people to find actionable insights from data by, literally, just asking questions—Veezoo answers them with data visualizations within seconds.

xFarm│Manno│focuses on the digitization of the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools—from an app to analytics tools—that can support farmers and stakeholders in managing their businesses.

The cohort will present their solutions at the upcoming Startup Champions event on March 9, 2022.

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