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Transform your business with IoT

qiio introduces meaningful insights to all parts of your business.


Advantages of adopting IoT solutions:

  • Improved operational overview of processes and activities, including usage and marketing data collection.
  • Fast automation, control and monitoring of remote devices and machines.
  • Effortless collection of large quantities of information enabling better operational and business decisions.
  • Real-time monitoring of processes and machines resulting in faster, lower-cost and preventative maintenance.
  • Remote software and signage update that increases performance and improves the end-user experience.
  • Cost savings due to elimination of unnecessary travel, reduction of security threats, optimization of supply chain logistics, and easier adherence to industry regulatory requirements.
  • Streamlined supply chain management resulting in cheaper and faster logistics and manufacturing processes.
  • Enabling new business cases and experiments such as A/B testing thanks to new features.

qiio enables rapid deployment

qiio takes the complexity out of IoT, creating off-the-shelf solutions that are tailored to customer requirements within a short amount of time.

What we do?

What is qiio?

qiio provides a unified edge-to-cloud IoT solution for companies to connect their assets to the cloud with ease.

What is the solution?

The solution includes hardware, software, global connectivity, cloud services and operational support.

What are the benefits?

- Operational cost saving

- Secure connection to the cloud

- Simplicity in implementation

- A single partner

Realize the full potential of the Internet of Things

No matter in which industry, a common challenge is the lack of a unified edge-to-cloud IoT solution. Customers are required to coordinate and maintain a solution built by multiple partners to leverage from IoT.












Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Optimize operational costs by reducing downtime and on-site visits independently of your sales channel.
Logistics & Supply chain
Logistics & Supply chain
Optimize your fleet management and delivery routes based on real-time data.
Monitor building performance in real time. Improve energy management and operation efficiency.
If you have any questions about how IoT solutions can transform your business, please