qiio and Sigma IT Consulting in strategic partnership

Sigma IT Consulting Inc and qiio LLC enter a strategic partnership to scale and deliver secure IoT platforms based on Microsoft Azure Sphere and Microsoft Azure IoT Services.

The focus on security in the IoT area has never been higher and more important. Microsoft has been investing in the space of Industrial IoT and edge computing and on February 24th 2020 Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Azure Sphere, a 3-part solution featuring a secure: System-On-Chip (SoC) device, operating system and cloud service. In conjunction with this announcement qiio launched their q200 for Azure Sphere solution, which is based fully on cellular connectivity.

Together with qiio and their q200 for Azure Sphere solution, Sigma can speed up the deliveries of secure IoT platforms for their customers and scale those deployments in both Europe and North America.

Mattias Zaunders, Vice President at Sigma IT Consulting Inc says:

“Together with qiio and their product q200 for Azure Sphere, we can address and solve challenges that customers face when designing new connected products or retrofit their current machines. qiio not only secures the machines but also provides worldwide cellular coverage as a service with their platform. This significantly speeds up time-to-market for companies that deliver connected products all over the world. Sigma has successfully delivered IoT services for many years, together we scale up business in Europe and in North America, and help customers enjoy secure IoT solutions.”

Solomon Kravitz, Head of Partnerships at qiio continues:

“For us this partnership with Sigma is really exciting, as we are able to leverage the experience of Sigma in IoT and combine it with our secure platform. When we pivoted to a secure IoT service business model with Microsoft Azure Sphere, we looked for partners, in particular, that could provide analytics and cloud expertise at scale. With this partnership we can ensure that we can scale qiio in the enterprise market.”

Tom Davis, Head of Strategic Partners and Verticals, Azure IoT, Microsoft Corp. said:

“Microsoft’s goal is to simplify IoT so every organization can take advantage of the benefits that it brings without having to deal with the underlying complexity. Through new services like Microsoft Azure Sphere and Microsoft Azure IoT Central, along with our ecosystem of Azure IoT partners, this is now possible. This partnership between qiio and Sigma is an example of partners coming together, to offer organizations a faster and more secure path to value with Azure IoT based solutions with Azure Sphere and global connectivity.”

Short information on Sigma
Sigma is a leading consulting company headquartered in Sweden, with about 5000 technical specialists and presence in fourteen countries. In the Nordics, Sigma is seen as the number one partner within IoT.

Short information on qiio
qiio, founded in 2014, is a Zurich-based expert in the Industrial Internet of Things and is at the forefront of industrial implementation, developing state-of-the-art IoT solutions to empower and advance your business. Alongside Microsoft, qiio developed the first cellular-based Azure Sphere solution enabling customers to build secure IoT solutions with simplicity.

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Mattias Zaunders, Vice President, Sigma IT Consulting Inc
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Solomon Kravitz, Head of Sales, qiio
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Beatrice Silo, Vice President Communication and Culture, Sigma IT
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