qiio highlights of Bosch ConnectedWorld 2019

5000+ visitors at Bosch ConnectedWorld

Bosch ConnectedWorld finished last week. qiio participated in the exhibition and showcased an IoT solution for the beer industry.

More than 5’000 guests visited Bosch ConnectedWorld 2019, including executives, decision makers, digital transformers, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, and IoT enthusiasts. Visitors could experience IoT implementations and discover unique use cases. The potential of IoT is high, like what Bosch CEO, Volkmar Denner, said at the opening:

“Everything that can be connected will be connected!“

IoT-enabled Beer Station

qiio presented its solution for the beer industry. Beer Station, a draft system IoT-enabled by qiio, is an autonomous beer draft system for end consumers. With the concept of zero waste, an end customer can fill up beer with their refillable bottles. In addition, Beer Stations also allow the brewery to introduce a small amount of new beer to their customers for market research.

The IoT version of the Beer Station designed by qiio monitors and analyzes beer consumption in real-time. The cloud portal will show how much of which beer is being consumed, when it is being consumed and where. When a beer tank is empty, the system will report automatically. As a result, a bar operator will have non-stop beer supply. On the other hand, the brewery can cluster different customers to create a smart route plan.

This solution is secure and end-to-end. Check this blog post to learn more about the value of end-to-end solutions.

Next stop: automation&electronics 2019

From 5th to 6th June, we will participate in automation&electronics 2019 in Zurich Exhibition Hall. We look forward to seeing you there at Booth C17!