How IoT reduces costs for coffee machines

Coffee industry in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for cheese and chocolate. However, Switzerland exports way higher value of coffee than cheese and coffee. According to UN trade statistics, Switzerland exported $9.37 billion of coffee in 2018. As a result, Swiss coffee exports ranked 4th behind Brazil, Germany, and Vietnam.

However, coffee beans are not the only famous Swiss product for the coffee industry. Switzerland has many companies manufacturing commercial coffee machines for coffee shop chains.

Lack of information about machine usage

Such machines are normally sold with a service contract for maintenance. The frequency of the maintenance depends on the usage. However, the manufacturer does not know how coffee shops use their machines. It is not clear whether a machine serves 2 or 60 cups of coffee per hour.

Since the manufacturer has no real-time data to monitor machine usage, it sends technicians to shops every month for maintenance. On one hand, the monthly maintenance check can be too often for some machines. On the other hand, it can also be too little for machines that serve a lot of coffee.

Connect coffee machines to the cloud

By installing IoT sensors in coffee machines, the manufacturer is able to monitor the machine usage in real-time. As a result, the manufacturer will only send out technicians when maintenance is really needed. In average, the manufacturer can save one service ride per machine annually. The cost reduction will be millions of Swiss francs.

Milk line cleaning check with IoT

IoT will not only benefit the manufacturer, but also the coffee shop chains. Coffee shops serve coffee and milk. To have proper hygiene, milk handling is critical. In order to protect end customers and the brand image, some coffee shop chains have internal rules for milk line cleaning. For example, the baristas should rinse the milk line every 30 minutes. However, coffee shop chains have no idea if the baristas follow the cleaning rule or not.

With IoT sensors, coffee shop chains will have real-time cleaning information of every machine worldwide.

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