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Unique Approach to Cellular IoT

qiio offers proven solutions to allow IoT devices to connect reliably anywhere on the planet

Designing robust edge technology based on Azure Sphere, qiio has combined this with integrated cloud services to enable a customer to have full control of their IoT. Now enterprise can scale IoT with cellular devices that configure themselves and are continuously improving.

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qiio Services


Connectivity Forensics

Cellular technology is very volatile, with stresses on the network causing seasonal and sometimes daily fluctuations in reliability. Connectivity forensics is constantly analyzing different cellular signals and connecting devices to the best network, carrier and technology, for every device on an individual basis. This service can eliminate up to 95% of connectivity issues. 


Device Health

Replacement of devices and understanding local environments is almost impossible on a large scale IoT deployment. This is due to a lack of endpoints and data to understand local conditions. Device health service uses a combination of predictive analytics and sensors to extend the warranty and support available to customers. Warranty is maintained as long as the service runs. 


Location Services

Tracking your assets are important in any IoT use-case, yet indoor tracking with GPS is not always reliable. qiio location services combine GNSS antennas with a cellular/WiFi triangulation to ensure that a location is available for every asset. Indoor location is accurate within 25m on average. 

service cycle